Nobody’s Horses – Book
Nobody’s Horses – Book

LIFE Magazine Article about  WSMR Horses

Editorial Reviews including Journal of the American Quarter Horse

OK1, OK2, OK3 Newspaper article  The Oklahoman (3 pages)

“Chaz” an Amazing American Quarter Horse Article

Western Horseman Review

“This stunning book is one of the most remarkable rescue stories of all time. . . . This book is an absolute must. It chronicles the New West, where the symbols of the Old West have become a nuisance, the past forgotten until it is brought back to everyone’s attention. Fortunately there are still heroes to be found who care.”—American Quarter Horse Journal

White Sands Missile Range, 1995 – 10 year drought

General Jerry Laws – WSMR Commander

Pilots, Patrick Morrow – wildlife biologist

WSMR 1942

Spirit of America faces African Oryx or Gemsbok

Almost done

Planning safe roundup of wild ranch horses

Healthy when other’s were not

Hay from Oklahoma

Sorting stallions for neutering

Slipping under the copter

Heading to the capture site in a lava flow

Water trapping method by Les Gililland


Sheriff Pat Garrett ~1905